I am Kostis. You?

From grandfather Minas and my parents, I learned to love good materials and to care about detail.

I have never ceased to respect this heritage, but at the same time thirst for evolution.

This is how "Costis" was created

And when we say Costis, we don't mean Kostis.

We mean the Costis family: We mean unlimited respect for the client with whom we wish to develop a relationship of trust and polite familiarity. When we say Costis we mean vision. To change the map of pastry shops, spreading our passion for good sweets. To help our visitor to enjoy nice tastes and good aesthetics. Enjoy life. When we say Costis we mean Surprise. People often tell us "we come to see what's new 'playing'". So come see what's new playing.

And don't forget to introduce yourself. Me Kostis. You;

Our products
Fresh ingredients
Expert bakers
Years of experience
For your special momments
special moments are a joy and an occasion for delicious pleasures.
We look forward to sharing your joy with us, to suggest delicious ideas
and find what suits you best. Our people are always here for you!
Our Vision
To help people enjoy life by offering unique taste experiences and memories.